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Mango and ANY PEPPER Hot Sauce “PIMPED!”

Mango and ANY PEPPER Hot Sauce “PIMPED!” This lovely mix of mango, honey and fresh lime lessens the burn and adds to the exotic tropical aromas of this awesome and blazingly hot condiment. The recipe below makes 2-3 liters of life-changing, take you to your happy place and loving life hot sauce! Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook […]

Chicken Masala

Chicken Curry Masala “PIMPED!”

Chicken Curry Masala “Pimped!” Thanks to The Spruce Eats for this recipe! This is an original Chicken Curry recipe from India. Feel free to use any parts from the chicken that you like, just remember to remove the skin. The recipe calls for half a teaspoon of red chili powder… this is where we “Pimp” […]

Hot Pepper Jelly...YUM!

Super Hots Pepper Jelly “PIMPED!”

Super Hots Pepper Jelly “PIMPED!” Hail “Spicieans”! Here we go again, Pimping things to our own liking! This is a very basic and easy recipe that can be adapted to any pepper you like from the Super Hots to the mild. Cooking time: 45 minutes Yield: 7 1/2 pint jars   Ingredients: 3 or more Super Hots […]

Honey Spiced Chicken Wings

Honey Spiced Chicken Wings “PIMPED!”

Honey Spiced Chicken Wings “PIMPED!” Hail “Spicieans”! I love chicken wings! I think we all do. Check out this Pimpable Honey Spiced Chicken Wings recipe below and don’t be afraid to experiment changing and/or adding different ingredients. Cooking time: 60 minutes Servings: 4 x 6 wings Get happy and Let’s Get Spicy!!!   Ingredients: 12 […]

Chili in a bowl!

Spicy Chili Bread Bowl “PIMPED”

Spicy Chili Bread Bowl “PIMPED!” Eatable bowls…How cool is that!!! OK, Spicieans! Check out this base recipe and add any of your favourite Super Hots in the Hot Pepper slots! Let your own conscious be your guide in the amount of peppers you add! Cooking Time: 1 hr 45 min Serves: 6 Ingredients: 1/4 cup […]